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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Yet another schools post

Done as only Kevin Baker can do.  Too long to excerpt, just go and read the whole thing.  Ladies and gentlemen, if you have children in public school, you had best be ensuring that those schools are teaching your children actual subjects and not a bunch of feel-good pablum that wouldn't get them a job as a burger-flipper at Micky D's.  And then if you find those schools are failing, PULL YOUR KIDS OUT.  I'm willing to bet that most parents, armed with a math book, could teach their kids much better than any certified "teacher".  And if you need proof, just look as TSM's resident liberal, Markadelphia, is completely dismantled in the comments to that post.  And then keep in mind that Markadelphia claims to be a TEACHER.

If he's a teacher, then he's the picture perfect example of why you should never allow your kids within a mile of a public school.

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