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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Team Obama called SWAT on grandma?


Yes, seriously.  Complete with rooftop snipers.  Because you never know when those dangerous grannies are going to whip out milk and cookies and pamper you to death!

My lord, Obama must really want some sort of incident he can blame on the right.  He's pushing so very hard to get a reaction.

I wonder just what the SWAT team was thinking as they rolled out?  I mean, if they get orders to roll, they roll.  You can see in the pictures; their body language doesn't indicate they think there is ANY threat what so ever.  So they get a call to come out, they get all dressed up, and then march down the street to confront those tea-partying grandmas.  Take a look at the second picture - either the guy on the right is speaking into a microphone, or he's yawning.  Although I think I see a microphone cord stretching across his chest.  The entire line is standing there relaxed.  They know there's not a threat.  They got called out for this?

The people who called them out need to get fired.  That's a waste of man-hours and money.

Oh, wait, we can fire them in 2012.  Yay.

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