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Friday, April 30, 2010

Jumping around my brain

Are a couple of various thoughts.

One - that schools post from TSM that I linked to on Wednesday, if you haven't read it GO READ IT.  And then go read Neo-Neocon's post about how America views it's political leaders:

We assume that the cure will be worse than the disease. We expect that the bills will be rushed through without proper debate and enacted at the stroke of midnight, like evil spells in a fairy tale. We are no longer surprised at the depth and breadth of the corrupt and shady behind-the-scenes deals involved. We know the legislations will be lengthy and complex. We do not think our representatives possess the intelligence to even understand the bills they pass—that is, if they bother to read them at all—and either do not appreciate their negative consequences or actually intend them to do us harm. We know that, just when we think we’ve driven a fatal stake into the heart of an unpopular bill, it rises and staggers forward to attack us.

Ladies and gentlemen, one leads to the other.  One of my co-workers recently related how he dealt with a younger relative of voting age who tried to use Nancy Pelosi as an example of what's wrong with the Republican Party.

Co-Worker's Relative (CWR): "She's so stupid!  I can't believe the Republicans keep her around!"

Co-Worker (CW):  "Wait, what?"

CWR:  "Nancy Pelosi!  That's why I never vote Republican!"

CW:  "Why are you blaming Republicans for Nancy Pelosi?"

CWR:  "Because she's a REPUBLICAN!"

CW:  "OK now, what position does Nancy Pelosi hold?"

CWR:  "Speaker of the House!"

CW:  "And who is in control of Congress right now?"

CWR:  "The Democrats!  Thank God!"

CW:  "And who votes for the Speaker of the House?"


CW:  "No, the Party in majority votes for the Speaker of the House."

CWR:  "What?"

CW:  "The Party.  Who is in the majority.  Votes for the person who becomes Speaker of the House."

CWR:  "But.....  Pelosi is a REPUBLICAN!"

CW:  "OK, let's try this again......"

If you want to know why America elected a corrupt Chicago Communist with no record of success at ANYTHING that wasn't handed to him on a silver platter, all you have to do is look at the failure of the American publik skool sistim.  How many people know high-schoolers who cannot name the three branches of the federal government?  I recently was on a forum where someone actually made the claim that instead of passing an immigration bill, Arizona should have made illegal entry into America a federal crime.

Just......  fuck.  How can you compete with idiocy like that?  That's a nuclear grade moron right there.  If you were to drop that person into Iran, all nuclear weapons production would cease because he would immediately lower the collective IQ of the entire fucking country by fifty points.  Another fine graduate of the publik skool sistim.

When people can no longer understand how the government works, they will latch on to the first huckster with a smooth delivery who promises to save them.  And I'll bet money that is why the Teleprompter Jesus won the election.  Because when you don't know how your own government operates, then you are unable to tell when you're being lied to.

Just another reason to destroy the American publik skool sistim.


Anonymous said...

Ondce you recognize that graduating ignorant proles was/is a FEATURE and NOT a bug in the uneducation system, the rest is obvious.

Buzz said...

It's quite simple, actually.

The public education system is sponsored by the government and controlled by the collectivist NEA.

How could you POSSIBLY end up with any result other than ignorance of the fact that our founding fathers wrote the Constitution to PROTECT us from government run amok, not to enact it?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous got it right. The educational system has performed exactly as it was supposed to.

Ragin' Dave said...

And I agree with all three of you. The best thing that this country can do would be to demolish the publik skool sistim and then walk away. Let the private sector start up schools. You can get a better education from your local catholic school than you can from any public school nine out of ten times. Let charter schools start on up. Hell, anything up to and including NOTHING is better than the current hell we have now.