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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Something tells me

That more ranchers are going to be practicing the three "S" philosophy after rancher Robert Krentz was found murdered.



Shut up.

Is that harsh?  Yep.  But when the US government has completely abdicated it's responsibility to protect it's citizens, what else are you going to do?  Either you can fight, or you can be over-run by illegal aliens and other criminals who cross our border every day.  If I lived down there I'd travel with a scoped 30-06, and I'd shoot anyone crossing my land and let the coyotes have the bodies.  It's either that, or suffer the same fate as Mr. Krentz.

No thanks.  I want to die in my bed of sexual overexertion, not get shot by some border-jumping wetback who's carrying a kilo of coke for his brother in Ciudad Juarez.

Yeah, let the hate mail come out after THAT last little comment.

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