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Monday, March 08, 2010

Back to the grindstone

Went TDY, saw some family, had dinner with a fine gentleman, and now I'm back.  You may have wondered why I threw up all the tunes.  Part of it was that I was busy as all hell.  Part of it was that I wanted a slight change of pace while I was running around like crazy.  And part of it.....

Well, let's be blunt, shall we?  Part of it was that if I had focused on politics last week, I would have been arrested for ripping off people's arms and then beating those people to death with their own limbs as they bled out.

The Jim Bunning affair - remember a while back when I said that the Republican Stupid Party is just like the Democrat American Communist Party?  Remember that?  Well, here was the perfect chance for the GOP to stand on their principals.  Here was the perfect opportunity for the GOP to actually do what they claim to want to do, and they did.....  nothing.  Actually, they did WORSE than nothing, they joined ranks with the fucking communists and shit another ten billion dollars down a rabbit hole that they KNOW they can't pay for after they just passed a bill that said they have to be able to pay for the bills they pass.  WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK, PEOPLE?!?!?!?!?!?!  This could have been an opportunity to slow down the growth of the government by a teeny-tiny bit, and given that opportunity, the Republicans did just what lost them the 2006 and 2008 elections - they acted just like the GOD DAMNED FUCKING BIG GOVERNMENT COMMUNISTS OF THE DEMOCRAT PARTY!  

They had a chance to stand on principal.  And they didn't just blow it, they blew it straight to hell.  This country is out of money.  Period.  And the response from both parties is to spend more.  Great.  I'm spending more as well, only I'm stockpiling ammunition because once this economic house of cards starts tumbling I want to be prepared.  I'm pretty certain my elected representatives are sick of hearing from me by now, but that's too bad, I'm still writing.

If you haven't seen this article on how the FedGov is a damaged brand, go read it.  Damaged?  Try wrecked.  This country is being led by a complete and total phony.  A phony that a majority of the people in this country voted for, in part because the press in this country was wholly bought and paid for whores for the man.  And they still carry his water like the good little propaganda organ it is.  Oh, you don't think so?  Then ask yourself how a registered Democrat can be a "Right Wing Extremist".  Yeah.  Howdya like that Kool-Aide?  By the way, when you see an Obama voter, can you ask them how that whole "Obama will heal our world reputation!" thing is going for them?  Because from what I can tell, well.....  yeah, not so much.  And every time I meet one of those folks who voted for Obama because of "all that spending Bush did!"  Yeah.  And I make them own it.  I'm not a popular guy right now in certain circles, especially when I'm asking "So, when you claimed to be against all that spending, were you actually dumb enough to think that Obama wouldn't spend more, or were you just a liar?"

Fuck being nice.  Nice gets you shit on.  I want people to wake the fuck up, and I'll be the not-so-nice guy banging that bell as loud as I can.

So I needed a week off, because otherwise I would have gone into overload.  The light at the end of the tunnel is the oncoming train, and I'm trying to find a way off the tracks before I get flattened by the Big Government Express.  My blood pressure needed a break.

Let's see what the next week brings.

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