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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Swiss Affair

The estimable Mr. Porretto links to the news that the Swiss have banned minarets in Switzerland for the time being. There is the usual international pants-wetting, pissing and moaning, and cries of "INTOLERANCE!"

Yer damn skippy it's intolerant. But that's the whole point, innit? Who wants to be tolerant of a religion that is so damned intolerant of anything that is "other"? At best, Islam simply seals itself off from anything or any other society and refuses to integrate itself. At worst, well, you get people trying to blow up schools, or walking into a Soldier Readiness Center at Ft. Hood and opening fire. And nobody in the political class wants to admit it. Well, almost nobody. The few that open their mouths and speak the truth either end up with a knife pinning a note to their chest, or they're ostracized from the rest of the politicians for daring to be so rude as to not lie like the rest of the politicians.

And with the few exceptions, there's no politician across the world who's willing to step up and flat out say "Look, either that whole 'convert or die' clause has to go, or you do." No, it's cringe and cower and snivel and pissy-pants wimpering, until the simpering little bitches are putting the collars around their own necks because it's the "tolerant" thing to do and they wouldn't want to upset their Islamic masters, because those masters have a bad habit of sawing people's heads off live on the internet.

Well, fuck that noise. And the Swiss just up and said it as well. Fuck. That. Noise. Fuck it sideways, fuck it gently with a chainsaw, just fuck it. And I clapped and said HALLELUJAH! Call me intolerant, and I'll wear that badge proudly. I'm intolerant of a religion that mutilates a woman's genitalia for "purity". I'm intolerant of a religion that would kill a woman who was raped in order to salvage a relative's so-called honor. I'm intolerant of a religion that discusses the best way to kill homosexuals. I'm intolerant of a religion that would force me to convert, force my wife to wear a burlap sack for the rest of her life. I'm intolerant of a religion that would reduce the world to a barbarian, 13th century existance in the name of some moon-god worshiping pedophile.

Hell yes I'm intolerant. That's what happens when a religion says that your family and your country must either convert or be subjugated, enslaved and destroyed. And if you're not intolerant of that, then you need to just lay down and die where you're at, because I don't need you dragging me down with you.

So the Swiss have banned minarets. You want to know why they did it? Because they could see what was coming down the pike. They could see where the political class was going. They could see what was happening all over Europe. They could see that nobody had the balls to stand up and say "This far, and no farther." So they did it themselves, and I say good for them. I truly hope this is the start of a larger movement, because Islam keeps pushing and pushing and pushing until someone pushes back. This wasn't the politicians who did it, it was the Swiss themselves. The Swiss people, who were sick of being lied to about Islam when they could see the truth right in front of their own eyes.

So call them intolerant. Great. It might just be what saves them.

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