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Monday, November 30, 2009

The Global Warming Hoax

Is all about the money and the power you can get from scaring people into thinking there's a crisis. In a just world, anyone caught perpetrating this kind of fraud would be hung from a lamp-post.

And it's not like this is news. There have been folks screaming "IT'S A FAKE, PEOPLE!" for years and years. I have two on my blogroll, Mark Alger and Francis Porretto, two people with more integrity individually than all the Global Warming hysteria-mongers have collectively.

Every time someone tells you that "climate change" is happening and that we have to DO SOMETHING, please laugh in their face. Laugh long and hard and loud. Because the only other response to ignorance of that level is a sound thrashing, and that might get you put in jail.

And then I would lose one of my regular readers. And I can't afford that.

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