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Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Food Companies

When you put "100% pure horseradish!" on the front of a bottle in BIG FUCKING LETTERS, and my wife buys said supposed 100% pure horseradish, only to find out that you've added SOYBEAN OIL!





It pisses me off. My wife is allergic to soy. We don't eat soy. I don't even like eating soy when my wife isn't around. As far as I'm concerned, all this fucking soy is part of the reason our kids are walking around pussified and going DEEDEEDEE! You know what soy has in it? ESTROGEN! Now maybe I'm off my rocker here, but force-feeding your boys a food that contains estrogen is NOT the way to raise them.

But try to find food without soy in it. Go ahead. Try it. Soy protein. Soy flour. Soybean oil SOY LECITHIN. Every fucking food out there has SOY LECITHIN in it. It's an emulsifier. It's in chocolate. It's in bread. It's in all kinds of shit. It's everywhere.

The last thing I wanted to see soybeans in was my horseradish.

Fucking make me puke.

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