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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Newsweek Jumps The Shark for Good

Has Newsweek given up all pretense of objectivity whatsoever? Guess who is getting loving, front-page caresses from Newsweak?

None other than Michelle "I can finally be proud of my country" Obama. The last female/politician to get such the dedicated front page spotlight? Hillary Clinton. Her tag line? "I Finally Found My Voice."

So what is Michelle's trademark? "Barak's Rock" and "I Can Only Be Who I Can Be." {{The preceeding must be stated while looking off-camera, upwards at a roughly 30 degree angle, a wistfully far way, yet confident and noble look in your eyes.}}

Here's a juicy quote:
If his {Barak's} loftiness can set him apart from the crowd, her bluntness draws them in. Standing up before large audiences wasn't easy at first. "I've never participated at this level in any of his campaigns," she told NEWSWEEK last week. "I have usually chosen to just appear when necessary."
Let there be no doubt. She is not campaigning FOR Barak, she's campaigning WITH him. And apparently, her "bluntness" is what "draws people in." This only solidifies the growing perception that, even moreso than will Billary, Michelle and Barak will be a package deal, as she works to "keep him real" and "not forget what we are fighting for." Without her around, it's beginning to sound like ol' Barry would be prone to drift into indirection, suffer numerous gaffes or get too full of himself. What a gal!

It's almost as if Michelle Obama is being billed as Barak's keeper. His handler. She keeps him centered and on track. {{sniff, dab}} Or, translated another way: she's running the show. I almost have to ask who exactly we'll be voting for on election day if "he" get's the nomination?

We haven't seen such a kid-gloves, soft-coated approach to "journalism" since...since...well, since Bill Clinton was in office.

Michelle Obama makes endearingly "blunt" comments, manages to piss-off or otherwise alienate a large chunk of the American voting populace...and she gets the front page of Newsweek. Nice.

Oh, and check the header graphic at the top: "The End of The Conservative Age."

Newsweak has clearly decided who is going to win the culture war, and thrown its unabashed support in that direction.

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