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Thursday, November 15, 2007

It needs to be repeated

Surfing the web, I see that Mrs. du Toit has read the same piece I did today. But she had a remark that needs to be repeated:

I’ll be the first person to champion the cause of equal rights for women but it has a caveat and it is a big one: As long as they accept the benefits AND the risks (or the rights AND the responsibilities). Women are still being coddled only now they demand it. They want to have all the “choice” in these situations and all the empowerment, but when it comes to accepting the consequences for their decisions (which in the case of having a child is footing the cost for raising the child) she wants… BZZZT… a man to be forced to do it.

Sorry, honey. You want the choice, you get all that goes with that.

That does not, however, let the man off the moral hook. A truly honorable man would:
1. Not have sex outside of wedlock.
2. Would not engage in sex without birth control, unless he wanted a child.
3. Support his offspring, regardless of the circumstances of their creation.

But that doesn’t mean you get to bring the Jack Booted Thug to the party.

We HAVE a mechanism whereby a woman can be assured that her children will be supported by their father. It is called marriage. Without it, you got nada in the way of guarantees.... which, by the way, is FINE if a woman doesn’t want those guarantees, but she doesn’t get to play BOTH sides of the fence. You either get married with all the requirements of that arrangement, and with that you have financial security for yourself and your children, or you go it alone.

It’s not rocket science.

Spread the word.

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