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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Some people are just sick

And I don't mean "sick" as in "lifelong Democrat Voter" sick. I mean truly, ungodly sick. Just reading the news made me want to vomit today.

One man charged with 971 counts of sexual assault and abuse. With a child. Sick, sick, sick.

And an entire family charged with beating a young woman and keeping her as their slave, using abuse and death threats. Sick!

But the worst is this: A convicted sex offender AND HIS PARENTS abusing, molesting and killing a six year old boy. Pardon me while I go vomit for about an hour or so. Hanging is too good for these sick bastards. Burning is too good for them. They need to dig deep into the Middle Ages in order to find a death that would be suitable for these three. I don't know if there is any punishment that will equal the pain and terror they inflicted on that poor kid. But we need to try. Personally I think we should cut off their genitalia, and then dump them into a box of fire ants until they've been stung to death, or eaten alive.


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