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Friday, March 23, 2007

Separation of Church and State....the military chaplainacy

I was sitting down with and discussing some issues with our Installation Chaplain who used to be our regular Priest. One of the subjects brought him to the ACLU. Apperantly the ACLU likes to take the validity of the US Military providing for the spiritual needs of US Soldiers to the US Supreme Court, almost annually. Unfortunately this is not the first time I had heard this. As much as I normally don't believe things like this, unless it can be proven. It is hard to find anything on this particular subject. But here is what I found: a discussion forum asking if the ACLU is good for America; in Arkansas the ACLU does not consider the Military a viable career; and my personal favorite, Jewish Chapel built with Federal Funds: No outcry from ADL, ACLU or AU.

The ACLU website says:

"The ACLU is the foremost defender of the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The ACLU has played a major role in nearly every critical civil liberties battle of the last century — in courtrooms, in Congress and in the public arena. Please select from the following list to learn more about these issues."

And if you click on their "
Religious Liberty" link, they go on to say
Madison’s ideals, now embodied in the Constitution, were exactly right. Americans enjoy more religious freedom than do people in any other country in the world.

Unfortunately, some people are now trying to use government power to promote religion in exactly the way the Constitution wisely rejected. The ACLU works to ensure that people remain free to chose which religious beliefs (or none) they wish to express and that governments, school boards, and legislatures do not become involved in deciding which religious beliefs should be promoted or in spending taxpayer dollars to support religious activities and symbols.

The ACLU is a strong defender of the right of religious organizations and individuals to express their religious beliefs in public. The ACLU is opposed, however, to the government sponsoring, endorsing, promoting, or financing religious symbols. The government has no right or authority to decide whose religious symbols should be promoted and whose should be ignored. The ACLU is currently contesting the federal government's eminient domain seizure and continued display, following a court order, of the Mt. Soledad Latin cross in San Diego. The ACLU supports an easy resolution to the Mt. Soledad controversy--privately raised funds should be used to move the cross to a religious site, thereby saving the Latin cross and respecting the Constitution.
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The only thing the ACLU is interested in promoting is their own warped viewpoint. If you are Christian, moral, support this country or the military, they think you are the devil in carnate and need an exorcism! I have heard on many occasions that there is no "American" in the ACLU. I think it really stands for something more like Alternatives to Civilized Liberties Union. Half the things they support aren't even legal. Think about NAMBLA...

Back to what started this discussion. The reality is the Military needs the Chaplanacy. I am certain this is all in the ACLU's grand plan to shut down the Military and force us all into a Socialist hippy commune. With the uncertainty and hardships that go with military life, and it is quite the adventure, we need something that resembles normalacy! We need something to believe in when the world is going to hell in a hand basket, all around us.

There is ONE thing I have learned over all else, being in Puerto Rico. That is if you are passive in the way you deal with things and people, you will get walked all over with stilettos and spurs. You have to yell, and scream and throw fits, not always in an appropriate way(judge your audience), to get through to people and make a change.

So, please next time you see a cross, a crucifix, or a Star of David in public, especially in a Cemetary, remember that the ACLU is trying to take away the CIVIL LIBERTIES of the Moral Past, Present and Future.

They must be stopped.

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