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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

"Why we don't trust you"

Mary K. Ham has a post up with that very title. Look, at this point I don't trust a single media story out of any of the mainstream media groups. I'd sooner trust the ravings of a drug-addled nutcase in Westlake Center in Seattle than a story or poll from ABC/NBC/CBS/CNN at this point. But what really drives me nuts is the fact that the Has Been Media continue to try to refute the charges. They're like kids who you just caught with their hand in the cookie jar, and instead of fessing up that they did indeed steal those gingersnaps, they're standing there saying "Nonsense! I'm the most trustworthy kid in the world, and I can't believe you would say that I'm stealing cookies!" while their grubby, sticky little fingers are still wrapped around the snickerdoodles in the fucking cookie jar!

I can't figure out which is worse: The outright tools in the MSM, or the tools who actually believe them.

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