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Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Let me second this

Pat Buchanon is not a (R)epublican, he just plays one on TV.

He dropped out of the party to run as a 'Progressive' yet the TV pundits allow him to misrepresent himself as a "Conservative" so they can make the dismissive Strawman arguments.

Pat Buchanon does NOT speak for me, or Conservatives, or Republicans and the use of him is a transparent attempt to misrepresent the positions of Conservatives and Republicans.

You want to know the easiest way to tell if a TV news show is flat out bullshit? Just look to see who they have on as the token "conservative". If it's Pat Buchanan, you can be assured that the show is bullshit and flip to another channel. Buchanan hasn't been a Republican for years. Hell, he hasn't been considered a true conservative for decades by now. And yet he's brought in as if he's some great expert on conservatives in general and Republicans in particular, when in truth he's so far removed from the modern conservative movement and the Republican party that his statements are outright laughable.

So DANE, I second your opinions on Buchanan. Just for the record.

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