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Thursday, December 01, 2005

The Red Crescent Returns - Flight 93 "Memorial"

Date: Thu, 1 Dec 2005 10:50:49 -0800 (PST)
From: DW
Subject: Design for the Flight 93 National Memorial

Paul Murdoch Architects,

I just viewed your brochure on the "Design for the
Flight 93 National Memorial," and I just have one
comment: You are stuck on Stupid.

Everything I said in my earlier email (below) still
stands. It is still a red crescent; it still points
toward Mecca. Anyone can see that. From the pictures
on your brochure, it appears that if you draw a line
connecting the "tips" of the red crescent and bisect
it, drawing another line perpendicular to the
crescent-tip connecting line, then not only does this
perpendicular line point toward Mecca, but it bisects
the memorial wall making it clear that this aspect of
the design is not accidental. Your intent is now quite
clear. You wish to memorialize the hijackers.
Moreover, after your previous failed design, I do not
need to prove this assertion but it is your job to
disprove it.

In your letter on the brochure, you say this was a
"democratic selection process." I was born in
Pennsylvania, I have relatives who were in the World
Trade Center on 9/11/01, and I vote NO. So does my
entire family.


--- On Sept. 9, 2005 DW wrote:

> I am deeply disturbed by your design for the Flight
> 93
> memorial in Shanksville, PA. You could not possibly
> be
> unaware that the crescent moon with a star is the
> internationally-recognized symbol of the faith of
> Islam. Is it your intention to honor the terrorist
> hijackers? Your design appears to be the equivalent
> of
> putting a swastika over a holocaust memorial site. I
> am thoroughly disgusted, and would expect others to
> be
> equally disgusted when they discover your plan. If
> your "Crescent of Embrace" memorial goes forward, it
> will further victimize Americans. I can only imagine
> your motivation - perhaps it is to turn Americans
> into
> hate-filled terrorists, as you must expect the trees
> in this memorial to be torched.
> DW
> California

I also faxed my letter to the Superintendent of the Flight 93 Memorial at the National Park Service (814-443-2180).

Sonofabitch!! - Flight 93 Memorial Still Jihadist Shrine
These people need a clue.

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