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Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Back to school

OK folks, sorry for the short warning, but as of Thursday I'm going to be in school for two weeks. December 1st to the 16th.

But I'll be home for Christmas. That's the important part.

In any case, as with almost any military school, the internet access will be very limited, and my time even more so. Maybe when I'm filthy stinking rich, I'll have a nice laptop with wireless access and a digital SLR camera and all the nice things that I want. Until then, I'll keep toiling in the dark ages and get to blogging when I can.

So, off I go, into the great unknown. Again. Ah well, I volunteered for this, didn't I? I must say, it does keep my marraige feeling like a perpetual honeymoon, because we haven't been together for a long enough consecutive time to make it feel aged at all.

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