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Thursday, November 17, 2005


Or, Weapons of Mass Confusion. Slimy, worthless Democrats (I know, it's redundant) are now saying that oil company executives lied to them during hearings last week.

On Wednesday, Sens. Frank Lautenberg, D-N.J., Barbara Boxer, D-Calif. and Maria Cantwell, D-Wash., called on Senate leaders to bring back the executives to account for what they say were outright lies.

To which I say, the oil executives should cut off all oil to New Jersey, California and Washington for a week and see what happens.

Spokesmen for Shell and ExxonMobil reached Wednesday stood by their executives' statements last week. A spokeswoman for BP America did not immediately return a phone call seeking comment.

As usual, the Dimocrats, who know jack shit about economics and oil commodities, want to blame their own abject failures to keep a proper supply of petroleum products on hand in America on the companies who supply those products.

After Hurricane Katrina, oil and gasoline prices skyrocketed, leading to record third-quarter profits by oil companies. The companies represented by the five executives that testified last week collectively reported more than $32.8 billion in third-quarter profits, an increase of more than 55 percent over the previous third-quarter profits. The earnings led senators to hold last week's hearings, where they questioned what executives were doing with their profits and what they were doing to lower gas prices.

It's called "Supply and Demand", Senators. I suggest you do some reading on that subject, since you obviously don't have a clue about it. Oil companies only get a percentage of their profits from gasoline. There's also diesel fuel, heating oil, various types of lubricating oil, and thousands of other petroleum products. But since you're Dimocrats, and therefore have the mental capacity of an alcohol soaked slug, I wouldn't expect you to understand that.

Lautenberg charged that the executives lied when they said they did not meet with an energy task force organized by Vice President Dick Cheney to develop the nation's energy policy. The Sierra Club and Judicial Watch unsuccessfully sued to open the task force records after they alleged that energy executives and lobbyists were consulted on national policy, but environmental groups and others were left out of negotiations.

Lautenberg cited a Washington Post report Wednesday that references a White House document listing meetings in 2001 between representatives of the oil companies and members of the task force staff. Officials from ExxonMobil, Conoco Ã?— before its merger with Phillips Ã?— Royal Dutch/Shell and Shell Oil and BP met with task force members between February and April 2001, the report says.

Let's see here, if you're trying to get together a task force on energy production, who are you going to get to attend that meeting? Um..... I guess if you're a Dimocrat, you invite fluffy bunnies and librarians. For people who live in the real world, you invite the people and companies responsible for PRODUCING THE FUCKING ENERGY!

And why in the name of all that's holy would an energy task force want to talk to the Sierra Club?

Seriously, you can't write irony that damn good. Can you imagine the transcript of that meeting?

Oil Company: Mr. Vice President, I think our best bet to replacforeigngn oil would be to drill in ANWR.


VP Cheney: Umm....

Last week, under direct questioning from Lautenberg, ExxonMobil President Lee Raymond, Chevron Chairman David O'Reilly and ConocoPhillips chief James Mulva also said they did not take part in the task force.

BP America President and CEO Ross Pillari said: "To be honest ... I wasn't here then."

"But your company was here," Lautenberg pressed.

"Yes," Pillari acknowledged.


Shell Oil Co. President John Hofmeister, who took the helm at Shell this year, said he did not know whether his company's representatives attended task force meetings.

Let's be honest, shall we? This wasn't so much a "Let's find out what happened" as it was a "Let's lambast the oil companies and blame them for everything including the death of Christ" moment on Capitol Hill.

On a narrower topic, Boxer called into question statements by Hofmeister about the sale of a Bakersfield, Calif., oil refinery that provides 2 percent of California's gasoline. At the hearing Boxer asked whether Shell had sought to close the refinery in 2004 in order to boost its profit margin.

"Was it because you wanted to control the supply of gasoline and make gasoline even more expensive for my people in California?" Boxer asked.

My response would have been: "I'll answer that question as soon as Sen. Boxer answers whether or not she has stopped molesting little boys. " Seriously, at this point I would have walked out. The very same people who have prevented any new refineries from being built in this country are now trying to blame the oil companies for the high price of gas! That botoxed bitch would better serve her country if she were shoved into a septic tank and left to ferment.

Hofmeister responded, in part: "We shopped the refinery around, unofficially, but did not find buyers. We then decided to close it" because, the refinery was old, small and difficult to work with because it was on multiple plots of land.

Hofmeister did not directly respond to Boxer's accusation of trying to short supply to drive up prices.

Gosh, who woulda thunk that a decades-old refinery would be expensive and hard to maintain? And Boxer's accusation amounts to nothing more than hysterical mud-slinging. Again, I say let's cut California off from the gasoline spigot and watch what happens.

On Wednesday, Boxer revealed she had received two letters in April and May 2004 from the then-company CEO, who said Shell had no plans to sell the plant and was not seeking buyers, although the company would keep the option open.

So let's accuse the person WHO WAS NOT IN CHARGE OF THE COMPANY WHEN THOSE LETTERS WERE WRITTEN of trying to drive prices up! Boxer, you stupid cunt, it would serve you right if every oil company just shut off shippments to California. I'd love to see that state go back into the stone-age. Maybe worthless hags like Boxer and Pelosi would be the first to be ravaged by murdering hordes. Maybe when San Fran and LA have bit the dust, we can turn the supply line back on.

For her part, Cantwell disputed claims by BP America CEO Ross Pillari about oil shipping practices and efforts to manipulate the price of oil by diverting its destination.

In last week's hearing, Cantwell asked the executives if they had diverted fuel away from U.S. markets in order to keep supplies low and prices high. The executives said they do not generally divert supplies, but in some instances oil shipments may have been turned away because there was no way to get them into port.

Cantwell on Wednesday said that the combination of testimony by state attorneys general, a 2001 report in The (Portland) Oregonian about BP America's price hikes and a 2003 RAND Corporation report about oil capacity reduction show that the oil company executives were deliberately misleading the panels.

Cantwell and morons like her are the reason I kicked the dust of Washington State off my feet as quickly as I could. Let's try this on for size, you stupid bint:

You accused an oil company of diverting shipments to keep supply low and demand high. Fine. I guess you have a right to be a moronic fucking pissant. But please, oh please, tell me you remember a little thing called HURRICANE FUCKING KATRINA! You know, that weather that DESTROYED THE PORT OF NEW ORLEANS! And HURRICANE FUCKING RITA! You know, that little bit of weather that smacked into other parts of the Gulf Coast?


It's things like this that remind me just how unfit the Dimocrats are to have any power whatsoever in this country. It's things like this that remind me how LACKING in logic the Dimocrats are. Let's also keep a few things in mind, shall we?

Who has prevented the building of any new oil refineries in this country for the past quarter century?


Who has blocked any new drilling for oil off our coasts?


Who has consistantly blocked the exploration for oil in America?


So, having prevented this country from enlarging it's gas supply, the Dimocrats want to blame the oil companies. Having prevented America from reducing it's dependance on foriegn oil, the Dimocrats now want to blame the companies that bring oil to America. Having prevented this country from finding new supplies of oil, the Dimocrats want to scream at the companies that ensure we have gas.

Liberals really are that worthless and stupid, folks. And the Republicans who go along with the Dimocrats are JUST as stupid and worthless.

Where the hell is that reset button at, anyways?

By the way, I apologise for any spelling mistakes. I know I made a few of them.

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