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Friday, November 18, 2005

Shredding Murtha

Murtha Lie: Our troops are just stretched too thin, Bush won't deploy enough troops.

Sepetember 2, 2002 - Army: There are 1,012,000 soldiers on active duty, in the Reserves, or in the National Guard. Of them, 261,000 are deployed overseas in 120 countries. Iraq accounts for 103,000 soldiers, or 10.2 percent of the Army.

Murtha was one of two congressmen to vote for the draft last year.

If 130,000 U.S. troops aren't enough to accomplish our goals in Iraq, explain Afghanistan where 15,000 troops have maintained relative peace! Iraq is steadily attaining more security personel, by December they should have 230,000.

Murtha says: Our troops are the target. We are occupiers. The enemy.

If our troops are "the target" we should be thanking those traitorous jackasses that celebrate and politicize the "2000 soldiers who've died in Iraq". Terrorist A to Terrorist B: "Look! Perhaps a few more and we will break their will!" You made them the target. We know who considers our troops the enemy. Do they have absolute moral authority Mr. Murtha?

Murtha Lie: We are cutting Defense spending.

No. We aren't. The budget for FY2006 "Raises overall Defense spending by 4.8 percent, or 41 percent since 2001. "

Of course, there are more. I did not commit all his bullshit to memory, but that should be enough to show him for the doddering fool that he is.

I swear Murtha read from a Cindy Sheehan letter in the debate before the vote.

ONLY 3 VOTED YEA So much for the courage of their conviction. And I'm sure someone will take issue with the fact that this bill is not Murtha's. It isn't. It's Murtha's without all the "whereas the war is lost" bullcrap stripped off and only the call to pull out of Iraq left. So if they want to make some big ass stink about how this wasn't MURTHA'S it is nothing more than a matter of semantics. It would have accomplished exactly the same thing despite the removal of the "whereas" crap.

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