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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Mark These Words

Here we find excerpts from an article in Le Monde that recognizes the pro-democracy surge in the Middle East and manages to (begrudgingly, no doubt) toss some credit to President Bush.

Here's where the word marking comes in.

Talk to a Leftist lately about Ronald Reagan and the Cold War? Me neither.

But when I used to do so, I found that by the mid-Nineties they had found themselves a new mantra:

"The Soviet Union was already collapsing. Gorbachev saw this and made the only decision he could. Reagan maybe sped things up a little bit, at most. But the Soviet Union would have collapsed anyway."
Maybe you've heard that one, too.

This is what is next for President Bush and the Middle East.

Even the blindest Lefty can see what is happening. Some moonbats will say the freedom of democracy is just the freedom to be ruled by Coca-Cola, McDonald's, and ChevronTexaco. But those toward the center from the moonbats will need something new -- some way to deny President Bush any credit whatsoever for reforms in Egypt, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, and Kuwait.

What will it be? What will the mantra be???

The mantra will be that the regimes of the Middle East were "already collapsing". It'll be about modernization, Internet, media, globalization, it'll be about any. other. reason. Leftists can find to explain why oppressed people rise up to shed their shackles. Bush was just along for the ride.

Make a note of it.

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