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Friday, September 17, 2004

Let's Punch a Few More Holes into the Left's Rapidly Deflating Worldview

Punch Punch Punch!

Air National Guard Colonel Denies Bush Got Preferential Treatment

"He presented himself well. I'd say he was in the upper 10 percent or 5 percent or whatever we ever talked to about going to pilot training. We were pretty particular because when he came back [from training], we had to fly with him."


Records show Bush stopped flying F-102As in April 1972. He has said he moved to Alabama to work on the Senate campaign of a family friend. Staudt retired from the Guard in March of that year and said he was never contacted about Bush's performance.

"There was no contact between me and George Bush … he certainly never asked for help," Staudt said. "He didn't need any help as far as I knew."

He added that after retiring he was not involved in Air National Guard affairs. "I didn't check in with anybody — I had no reason to," he said. "I was busy with my civilian endeavors, and they were busy with their military options. I had no reason to talk to them, and I didn't."

If CBS had done even a preliminary investigation into those Bush memos, they would have known they were bullshit. But, knowing as we do that CBS and Dan Rather were looking for any angle possible to hurt President Bush, it should come as no surprise that basic background checks were ignored and quick checks were not completed.

Just another nail in the coffin. At this point, there's more nails than wood left in that thing.

Hat tip to Powerline.

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