Day by Day

Friday, September 17, 2004

And the illness continues

I must apologise to my dear readers, but I'm still coughing up stuff best not described at all.

This virus is kicking my ass. And that's AFTER I brought on the spice.

Thank god that Tim and TVE are kicking ass and taking names, because I can't do squat. I think that's the best part about a group blog - you don't have to fire on all cylinders all the time. When Tim or TVE is on vacation or just too busy, I can blog, and when I'm too sick to do more than lift my head off my pillow, they take over.

Just another reason to visit Four Right Wing Wackos every day! (/salespitch)

Anyways, I'm just sticking my head up so you know I'm still alive. Hopefully I'll bet better with a bit more rest. And more spice. And more gin.

I know, gin might not be the best medicine, but it makes me not care that I'm sick for a while, so gimme my small pleasures!

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