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Saturday, July 17, 2004

What the HELL?

So I'm watching the news tonight, and they have this nicey-nicey story about some protest or another in downtown Seattle.  Big whoop.  There's a protest in Seattle every time you turn around.  Some cities have a night life.  Seattle has a protest life.  You know, old hippies protesting to try and bring back their youth, young men protesting in an attempt to get laid, young women protesting so that they can be around other young women with armpit hair, yada yada yada. 
Anyways, there was a protest, and they showed one guy in a wheelchair protesting along with the rest of them.  At the end of this little story, the wheelchair guy starts talking about how protest is patriotic, and then the voice-over comes in about some hooey about how protesting is this guy's little part of America, and the camera stays on the guy while he rolls away WITH A FUCKING CANADIAN FLAG ON THE BACK OF HIS WHEELCHAIR!!!!!!
I mean, OK, protest away, try to get laid by hairy-armpit chicks, do whatever floats your boat, but don't tell me about how you're a good American WHILE YOUR WAVING THE FLAG OF ANOTHER FUCKING COUNTRY!
Satire is dead, folks.  It's been beaten to death by real life.

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