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Saturday, July 17, 2004


I just stumbled upon a website for POW/MIA families against Kerry while I was checking out this blog.  Some of it is pretty brutal, if you happen to be a Kerry Fan.  As usual, all emphasis is mine.
Former POW Paul Galanti:  He says Kerry broke a covenant among servicemen never to make public criticisms that might jeopardize those still in battle or in the hands of the enemy.
Because he did, Galanti said, "John Kerry was a traitor to the men he served with."

Now retired and living in Richmond, VA., Galanti, 64, refuses to cool his ire toward Kerry. "I don't plan to set it aside. I don't know anyone who does," he said. "The Vietnam memorial has thousands of additional names due to John Kerry and others like him."
Former POW Mike Benge:  As Mr. Kerry contemplates a run for the presidency, people must remember that he has fought harder for Hanoi as an anti-war activist and a senator than he did against the Vietnamese communists while serving in the Navy in Vietnam
Former POW Mark A Smith:  "War Hero?" O.K., he received the Silver Star. But, "Expert" on war? No John, but those of us who are, will take the honest leadership of President Bush anytime over you. You have not changed a bit from the time of the Vietnam War. Your wet finger is still in the air checking the political winds, before making any decision or changing one already made. We are at war and I know war. Your brand of equivocation on every issue costs lives in a war and I don't want more dead and wounded here and abroad. You went to war and then marched against it and those of us who still fought.
The rest of the site is just as brutal to 'ol John Fonda Kerry (or as Kim du Toit calls him, Fuckface and the Ambulance Chaser.  FATAB)  I would say that many of the people who know him best are repulsed by him.
Personally, the more I read about the men he betrayed, the more I can't stand the sight of him.

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