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Saturday, July 03, 2004

Busy Busy Busy

I spent yesterday running errands in the morning, and refinishing a chair in the afternoon. Let me just say right now that I hate varnish. No, I don't just hate it, I want to dig up the body of whoever came up with that unholy crap and burn him. As far as I'm concerned, it has to be one of the worst things you can put on a piece of furniture.

Anyways, my belt sander has been getting a workout. I've got most of the chair down to the bare wood. The girlfriend and I are going to put a nice oil stain on it once it's all clean, and then re-assemble it. We're also redoing the supports for it, since the old supports were pretty much falling apart. From what we can deduce, this chair used to belong to a bunch of vegan hippies who smoked a lot of anything they could get their hands on. I had to fill in quite a few burn marks with wood putty, and it looks like they tried to repaint the chair a few times. Grrrrrr. Once I got all the crap off the chair, I found out the wood was excellent. I can't tell what type of wood it is, but the grain of it is just gorgeous. It'll look pretty damn good once I'm finished with it.

And today I'm going out to a farm to do some log clearing, while my girlfriend dismembers little fuzzy things with the people who own the farm. As payment for my log clearing, we get to take the dismembered fuzzy things home and cook them. Yum!

So there might not be too many posts from me today. I'll see you all tomorrow.

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