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Sunday, June 27, 2004

Fat That Doesn't Float

Regarding those who think the Big Greasy Crap Monster is the second coming and that F911 is scripture:

It’s funny that they seem to believe that people will see Moore-on’s shiny happy version of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq and simply go. “Wow! I was soo wrong about Hussein. Look at the kids flying kites. Man! I’m voting for Kerry.” He also takes a huge shit on the war in Afghanistan by implying it was done so we could build an oil pipeline. They must assume that people will see this and say, “Man! And I just thought we did it because Usama Bin Laden and al Qaeda were being supported by the Taliban and they told us where to stick it when we asked them to give him (and the other terrorists) up. Now I know it was just for a pipeline that has yet to materialize. Damn! I’m voting for Kerry.”

In other words. These idiots forget that their shit flies on the evening news because the assholes there-in constantly defend their meme driven stories in successive news essence tempering their message when it falls outside the main stream. Moore-on’s shit sandwich is by nature a stand alone entity. Better yet, it is a finite record of the a plethora of stupid crap that these ever braying jackasses believe. It is also (at present time thanks to the hype) serving as a billboard of no return for the same. If the donks embrace it, they share it’s fate. If they don’t, they risk pissing off their base. A tasty double edge sword that we couldn’t dream of cooking up ourselves. Hatred only gets you so far. Moore let it dominate his message. He quantified leftist hatred and let it shade his representation of recent history and current events that people witnessed/are witnessing for themselves. As this film is discussed, it’s flaws will become more and more appearant and those that clung to this stinking butt loaf will ride it down the hole at the bottom of the shitter.

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