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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

But I thought Bush didn't do anything.......

I mean, except stop other terrorist attacks, that is.

LONDON — Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, al Qaeda's purported operations chief, has told U.S. interrogators that the group had been planning attacks on the Library Tower in Los Angeles and the Sears Tower in Chicago on the heels of the September 11, 2001, terror strikes.
Those plans were aborted mainly because of the decisive U.S. response to the New York and Washington attacks, which disrupted the terrorist organization's plans so thoroughly that it could not proceed, according to transcripts of his conversations with interrogators.

Gee, destruction of a terrorist enabling regime causes said terrorist organization to break down? WHO WOULDA THUNK IT??

Or is that too simplistic?

Granted, there is the usual preface - The transcripts are prefaced with a warning that Mohammed, the most senior al Qaeda member yet to be caught, "has been known to withhold information or deliberately mislead." However, this is the number three guy in Al-Queda, and most of his info has been good. One would have to wonder why he would lie and make Al-Queda look BAD.

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