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Sunday, January 18, 2004

This just in!

Fat drunken slob furthers Donk Party downslide!

The Iraq war was a "political product" marketed by the Bush administration to win elections, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., said in a speech Wednesday.

Keep babbling, Teddy. Remember '88? You gave a speech lambasting GHW Bush up one side and down the other. And you always kept asking "Where was George? Where was George?" I believe that was the key turning point to the whole election, because Republicans were able to answer you with one sentance.

"Dry, sober, and home with his wife."

The speech continues Kennedy's vigorous assault on Bush's Iraq policies. Last September, in an interview with The Associated Press, Kennedy called the war a fraud "made up in Texas." Bush later called Kennedy's remarks "uncivil."

You keep bearing that flag, Teddy. Raise your standard high! Let the world know that the leader of the Donk party is a fat slob with a drinking problem who let a girl drown in his car as it sank! Yeah! That'll teach 'em!

And now, he said, the ongoing reconstruction in Iraq and plans to turn control over to the Iraqi people this summer "are intended to build momentum for the November elections in this country as well."

How DARE you give people freedom, George Bush! Shame on you for desposing of two ruthless governments, freeing those people from a life of brutal repression! How DARE you allow them to lead their own lives! For SHAME!

I want everybody to take a goooooooooooood long look at Teddy. He's not hard to miss. The big fat guy with the red nose and empty bottle clutched in his hand. That is one of the Democrat's big guns. He shows up to work drunk, has killed more people with his car than I have with my guns, and embarasses himself every time he opens his mouth. Yeah, what a guy, eh?

Do you really want to get your political information from that man? I didn't think so.

Hat tip to Bill Quick.

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