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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

What were their goals?

They buried what? They buried DOZENS OF FIGHTER JETS we didn't know they had, unprotected IN THE SAND in Iraq. This isn't like covering a family member in sand at the beach......these are JETS! It takes signifcantly more effort to conceal a damned air craft. Despite the ignorance involved in burying Iraqi air force jets in the desert unprotected, this tells us something of their intentions! The might have been extremely ignorant, but I doubt they thought these things were going to sprout roots and grow new planes. Saddam might be evil and he might bluster on and on about how little chance his enemies had to defeat him......but he knew better. He had faced the U.S. military before and we absolutely decimated his military. He KNEW we would win! I'm sure he wanted to inflict untold damage upon the U.S. military. The regular slaughter of small amounts of troops also serves him exactly as he expects it to. He doesn't honestly think that his forces will take back Iraq in this manner. He does know the United States well though....or at least he thinks he does. He knows that U.S. President George W. Bush (in the tradition of Ronald Reagan) will not settle for anything less than absolute victory. And he KNOWS that this country is REPLETE with short-sighted, self-hating, weak-willed, scatter-brained LIBERALS who will relentlessly oppose this resolute Republican President. He KNOWS that by killing one of our soldiers here, another on another day, and two more the next.....the liberals in this country (especially those in the media) will trumpet these losses repeatedly, and that the result will be the erosion of resolution by the American public (let's hope he is wrong). Saddam would love nothing more than for these same simple-minded America-hating liberals to cry for removing our soldiers from Iraq and be snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. He is fully aware of this possibility. Which brings us back to the title of this post. What was their goal? Saddam knew his military would not be victorious, but if he could survive long enough and if he could use our weaknesses (liberal Americans) to erode our resolution and pull the troops out of his country, he could return to power. He could dig up these jet fighters! He could dig up his weapons of mass destruction. The possibility still exists!! Hell, he doesn't even have to wait for the liberals to whip the country into hysteria about the regular loss of soldiers if G.W. Bush doesn't win re-election in 2004, and he lasts that long. Then St. Dean can walk barefoot across the ocean, feel the pain of our troops, and withdraw our military from his country. You hear liberals blubbering over and over again "where are the weapons of mass destruction". I'm willing to guess they could have been buried somewhere in the sands of Iraq as these jets were. How likely are we to find them if that is indeed the case? If these planes are any indication of Saddam's strategy for he and his weapons of terror to survive the war (as it is of course), then the war at home is directly related to the war in Iraq. Saddam must be found and or destroyed. We must remain resolute! And President Bush must continue to express unwavering faith in our cause. All that must happen even with the albatross of liberal America and it's media hampering our progress and facilitating the goals of our enemies.

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