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Tuesday, July 22, 2003

"The Neal Boortz Commencement Speech"

You've never heard it, but you should. Neal Boortz is a Conservative/Libertarian radio talk show host based out of Atlanta. Of course, he has never been invited to speak at a University commencement, but he still has a speech written for that day, if it ever happens. You must click on this link and read this speech. Print it out and save it. It is one of the best summations of Liberal and Conservative philosophies that you will ever see.

I am honored by the invitation to address you on this august occasion. It's about time. Be warned, however, that I am not here to impress you; you'll have enough smoke blown your way today. And you can bet your tassels I'm not here to impress the faculty and administration.

You may not like much of what I have to say, and that's fine. You will remember it though. Especially after about 10 years out there in the real world. This, it goes without saying, does not apply to those of you who will seek your careers and your fortunes as government employees.

This gowned gaggle behind me is your faculty. You’ve heard the old saying that those who can - do. Those who can't - teach. That sounds deliciously insensitive. But there is often raw truth in insensitivity, just as you often find feel-good falsehoods and lies in compassion. Say good-bye to your faculty because now you are getting ready to go out there and do. These folks behind me are going to stay right here and teach....

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