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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Does anyone remember the vice presidential debate in 2000 when VP Cheney made Joe Lieberman look like a tongue-twisted pig-tailed school girl? Here Lieberman had the advantage of running off of a record that included record prosperity and relative peace, but Cheney made what the left-wing mainstream press calls, "the conscious of the Senate" look like a child. I remember being very impressed and energized as Cheney articulated the argument against liberalism like no one had done for years.

Well, the word is that Cheney is giving a speech tomorrow where he will respond to all the irresponsible Jackals criticizing Bush and the defense of America's strategic interests. I hope this is the case as the administration has waited far too long to respond to the lies coming from the jihadists on the Left. If Cheney will respond on Thursday, two things are certain:

1. He will expose the whining Democrats who disparage Bush and the war for the mindless, politically obsessed irresponsible hacks that they are; and

2. The mainstream press will barely cover the substance of his speech.

If I can catch his speech, I will respond soon afterward.

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