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Saturday, December 14, 2019

National Socialist Democrat Worker's Party wants to use National Guard to enforce gun laws

Oh.  Yeah.  That'll work out real well for you, Skippy.

And it’s not like those red parts of Virginia haven’t seen this coming: According to the Washington Examiner, over 75 counties have declared themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries,” meaning law enforcement there won’t enforce state laws deemed to violate the Second Amendment. 
Well, that puts everyone at quite a loggerheads, doesn’t it? This is something that could be handled delicately by the state government in Richmond; it could try to figure out how to enforce laws that aren’t universally popular in a state where there’s clearly a wide gulf when it comes to people’s opinions on guns. 
Or, you know, they could have state officials threaten to bring out the National Guard; that too. 
In statements to the Examiner that might have come out better if they had any filter between their brain and mouth, two state Democrats basically said, “Look at us: we’re the captains now.”
The first thing these fascists need to realize is that trying to use the Virginia National Guard to enforce their unconsitutional gun-grab is like trying to use deer hunters to enforce illegal anti-hunting laws.

Just who the hell do they think owns guns in Virginia?  Where the hell do those people live?  Do they really think that they'll be able to whistle up a bunch of goose-stepping thugs from the hinterlands of Prince George County to march down I-95 and enforce their will?  "Oh, look!  Richmond is a big city!  They've got National Guard centers all over, I bet they'll be FULL of people who want to do our bidding!"  Except for the fact that the people who fill those National Guard centers in Richmond on drill weekend don't all come from Richmond, they come from the counties and rural areas around Richmond.  And while Richmond might be Proggie central for Virginia, it's surrounded by counties where you couldn't find a Hillary Clinton sign in 2016.  You really think Jim from Powhatan is going to go door to door on the Governor's gun-grabbing plan?  You think he's going to go arrest the sheriff of Powhatan, when he voted for the guy?

Things are going to get real interesting here in the next few years as the Democrats continue to lose their minds.


Tim said...

The VCDL has done a Yeoman’s Job across the state with helping organize and support the 2nd Amendment movement. The VSSA has also been hard at work supporting it as well. With Lobby Day on January 20 and you will see a very large force descend on the capital from all across the state by the bus load.
Maybe, just maybe they might get the message.

Drumwaster said...

Fun Facts that the Democrats in Virginia might not be aware of...

1. Total Strength of the ENTIRE Virginia National Guard: appx. 7,500, including all support and aviation roles.

2. Total number of hunters (i.e., gun owners with experience hitting head-sized targets at range) in Virginia: 276,000.

3. Total number of registered gun owners (includes home defense and recreational) in Virginia: 307,000. (This number will be less than the actual number of gun owners, as some will have been registered in other States, and moved to Virginia, or some may not be registered at all.)

Now, it's been a few decades since I took math in school, but I'm pretty sure that 276,000 is a lot larger than 7,500. But with this new Common Core, someone may have other ideas.

I only have one. Molon Labe, you fuckers.