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Sunday, August 17, 2014

Yep. What did I tell you?

Rosemary Lehmberg has been a hard-core drinker for a long, long time.

From January 2012 to April 2013 — 15 months — Lehmberg made 59 purchases of alcohol at various Twin Liquors stores, a rate of nearly one purchase a week. 
She bought 76 bottles of alcohol. According to the receipts, Lehmberg prefers Ciroc vodka. Lehmberg routinely purchased 1.75 liter bottles of vodka, at a price of nearly $60 each. On occasions, she bought more than one 1.75 liter bottle of Ciroc at a time. 
Those 76 bottles add up to 24.7 gallons of alcohol purchased over 15 months. The last purchase in the KEYE-compiled list was on April 2, 2013 — 10 days before her arrest for drunk driving, and the subsequent attempt to abuse her power by trying to intimidate the officers who processed her in jail. Lehmberg purchased vodka on that day. An open bottle of vodka was found in her car during her arrest.

I don't think this list includes cash purchases, but I know it doesn't include alcohol purchased by anyone else, or drinks purchased at a restaurant.  There's a pdf of all the alcohol purchases that Lehmburg made, and they are all Visa card purchases.  I did a quick, non-scientific search for "Cash" purchases and none came up.  If she paid in cash, it won't show.  So this is just the lowest level you can conclude.

Vodka is also one of the favorite boozes for alcoholics because it looks like water and you can mix it with anything; coffee, orange juice, you name it and there's some alcoholic pouring vodka into it.  Although at the time of her arrest, she was chugging it straight from the bottle while driving in her car, so mixing it was not exactly what she had in mind.

Lehmberg is a hard-core boozer, and if this is her first time driving drunk I'll eat my hat.  This is just the first time she's been caught, or at least recorded being caught.

Way to go, Texas Democrats!  You sure picked a winner to rally behind!

If this seems like over-kill to you, please keep in mind that I have seen the immediate, bloody aftermath of drunk driving.  I've seen what it can do to a human being, and to the family that human being is ripped away from due to the selfish, stupid actions of the drunk driver.  So the fact that this DA gets rip-snorting drunk and then behind the wheel pisses me off to no end.  The fact that she's also supposed to be in charge of the Public Integrity Unit infuriates me due to the rank hypocrisy of both the DA and the people who support her.  The fact that the Democrats demanded that Lehmberg keep her job despite being a drunk-driving alcoholic is due only to politics, not any kind of integrity or respect for the position, and the fact that they are using the legal system to attack Gov. Perry over his actions shows that they care more about putting their people into positions of power rather than following the damn law themselves.  This entire episode should show just how far gone the Democrats in Austin, TX have fallen.  The fact that national Democrats are backing off and saying this goes too far should drive that last point home like a splitting maul to the Texas Democrat's heads.


Drumwaster said...

It not only doesn't include cash purchases, it also doesn't include any drink purchases made as part of a meal at a restaurant, or purchases made as a part of her normal groceries, or purchases made at any other stores, or purchases made with any other credit cards (or gift cards), or even outright gifts from those seeking to influence her. I also note that while she may prefer vodka, she might have also purchased different kinds of liquors. So the 59 bottles is a "lowest possible" level.

She's not a "hard-core drinker", she's a drunk who has learned to hide it sufficiently to keep it from the notice of her supervisors. Or constituents.

Anonymous said...

Waster, it would appear that she has never had any "supervisors" worthy of the title. Never forget that this is the political party, ALL of which representatives of fled the State rather than be outvoted in their own Legislature.

There IS such a thing as backbone in Texas. It's just that it is anatomically missing from Texas Democrats.

Now you know where the screenwriters of "Dallas" got all their ideas of perfidy.