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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Quote(s) of the Day

Both of them from Egregious Charles, posting at Geek with a .45.

First quote:

A note to people who drive SUVs with big rims and low-aspect street tires. It's not an SUV anymore. It's a stylized mini-van with a gas-guzzling engine. It will no longer handle snow well at all (let alone off-road use).

That had me cracking up, since I've seen a whole HELL of a lot of SUV's decked out as Charles describes down here in Puerto Rico. I'm talking pimped out, low-riding, chrome everywhere, ganga-smoke coming out the windows decked out.

The funny part? For me, at least; thanks to the absolute crappy roads down here, they're the ones paying flaming assloads of cash to fix up their wheels, rims, ground effects and mufflers when their pimped out bitchmobile hits a pothole.

Second quote:

UPDATE: There's probably a connection through sadism between the violent nature of anti-gunners and their bizarre fixation on guns as phallic symbols ("compensating for something"). If you think a gun is a substitute penis, you have a very twisted notion of the role of a penis.

I've always wondered about that. I mean, when I got accused of wanting guns to compensate for my dick, just what the hell did you think I used my dick for? I'm not saying I'm a small guy, but even I know that it's not large enough to use in hand-to-hand (so to speak) combat. Do people think I can detach it, aim it, and take people out at 300 yards with it? Is that what they use their penis for?

Now my balls on the other hand....

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