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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Two Big Lies

So, Kerry is going around the country campaigning (too bad he hasn't actually done his REAL job, but that's a point for a later date), and while most of the crap that flies out of his mouth is a lie, people have caught him in two really big ones.

With documentation.

Vodka Pundit saw this one first:

"Don’t tell us disenfranchising a million African Americans and stealing their votes is the best we can do."

The problem? The US Civil Rights Commission, despite months of investigation, noted only 26 people with "disenfranchisement" complaints, most of which were found to be specious. (.pdf file can be found here.

Let's see here... A million, or 26? A million, or 26? Well, John Fonda Kerry is only off by 999,973 people, but if that's the way he runs his numbers there's no chance in hell he'll be able to run the economy. I can see that first SOTU address... "MY PERSONAL KNOW-HOW AND ACTION RAISED TEN GAZILLION DOLLARS!" Uh, nope.

The second lie? More of the same: "We've got more African Americans in jail than we do in college. That's unacceptable"

Once again, the facts are NOT on John Fonda Kerry's side, as Stephan Sharkansky points out.

In fact, it seems that there are more than twice as many African Americans in college than in jail.
U.S. Census Bureau (2000): African Americans in college: 2,224,181

U.S. DoJ Office of Justice Programs: "Prison and Jail Inmates at MidYear 2003" (p.11): "Table 13. Number of inmates in state or federal prisons or local jails" -- Black Americans in jail: 899,200.
Those nearly 900,000 incarcerated African Americans still represent a tragic waste of lives and potential. But fortunately, things are not nearly as gloomy as John Kerry wants to believe they are.

So not only does John Fonda Kerry lie his ass off at every chance he gets, the supposedly "objective" media lets it pass. Oh, THAT liberal media. But I digress. John Fonda Kerry wouldn't know the truth if it bit him in the ass, and he has shown NO reluctance whatsoever to play the class-warfare game, pull out the race card, or lower himself to whatever level he needs in order to grab the reins of power. What a sickening, disgusting, purile little man. And thank you VodkaPundit for exposing it a bit more.

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