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Friday, May 14, 2004

They're HEEEEEEErrrrrrreeeeee!

The Bumper Stickers have arrived!

The picture is a bit large. The stickers are actually 4.25 inches long and 2.75 inches high. I don't want anyone buying a sticker and then getting upset when it doesn't cover their entire rear window.

They look pretty good, and they're decent vinyl, not some cheap soft plastic. So, it's all good. I've got one on my truck right now, and the girlfriend has her car adorned as well. I'll be putting up a webpage just to sell them (with a PayPal button and everything!) but for now I'll just put a button in this post while I fiddle around with blogger.

So, who wants one? Two dollah, two dollah, whadda price for a such a fine quality sticker of this var-eye-a-TEE! Two dollar bills, twenty thin dimes, these stickers can be yours for the LOW LOW price of TWO, count 'em, TWO DOLLARS!

Just to make sure all the bases are covered, if you use the PayPal button, send me an email with the number you bought. I should get your addy from PayPal, and it's off we go!

UPDATE: Crap, PayPal isn't working for me right now. I think I can fix it. Avoid the button until I get it working.

UPDATE 2: There, it's working. I'm going to continue to fiddle around with it, as it seems there are more options than I first thought. Any other bloggers out there who want to share the love, please do. I have 248 of these things waiting and ready to go out.

By the way, if anyone hates using credit cards and/or PayPal, drop me a line. We'll work something out.

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