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Sunday, March 14, 2004

More Linky Love

I found a comment on this thread at the VodkaPundit's place.

We miss the point of the Bush Administration's gamble. Anyone with an IQ higher than room temperature (in Celsius) knows that the imposition of a successful democracy all through the area is a very long shot.
The point is not that it's going to be difficult. The point is not that it may very well fail. The point is that it's the only way to avoid a slaughter of biblical proportions.
If the dynamic is not changed there will eventually be a huge slaughter. If the splodeydopes succeed in setting off a nuke or biowar or a great big chemical attack our response will be what? Slaughter both here in the US and all through Islam.
Because of my well-known kindly humanitarianism, I would prefer to avoid this wholesale slaughter. If it comes to it, though, the safety of my children is far more important than the lives of every Muslim on Earth.

There's more good articles, comments and writing out there than I can keep up with.

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