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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Linky Love

Found this piece at Cold Fury, and had to share it.

The drum beat for Kerry, where I live, is constant. I?m on the Metro the other night after work, and a bunch of younger folks ? probably Teach for America kids, or maybe Georgetown students ? were ranting about how awful Bush is, and how they are excited about this upcoming ?Beat Bush Back to Fucking Texas? party that a friend was throwing. I have friends working in the law enforcement and intel agencies around the government, who have gone gray haired since 9/11 ? they always look tired for some reason and when some mutual friend starts going on about the phonied up war on terror, they look ill. Occasionally, it slips out on CNN that some terror suspect was caught coming into the country, and I hear rumors from my reasonably well placed friends that we are only getting the tip of the iceberg ? that we don?t get the 90% that?s below the water line. Meanwhile, a liberal ex-friend of mine keeps sending me Rall cartoons, horrific videos alleging all sorts of wild Bush-led conspiracies to make money on oil, and the whole left side of the political class is going on about how Florida was stolen. And my friends working on the national security side of life get grayer, and grayer, both in the face and the hair. It?s like we aren?t even in the same world.

I think that one single paragraph captures the two sides of the debate almost perfectly. One side worries, and strives to protect America, and works to prevent another attack. The other side attacks the protecters.

If history teaches us anything, it’s that the path they advocate is followed, disaster will be nipping at our heels in an instant. Most of the delusional leftist policies the Dems adhere to as dogma – the goals they hope to achieve if only we stupid-ass proles would go along with it - are failed. They are failed not because some college professor says they stink; especially not because of that because we know that for all practical purposes, no college professors have the bad taste to be conservative enough to say that. They aren’t failed because the left barely holds power anywhere in the world any more. And they aren’t failed just because I say so.

We know instead that the left wing policies worshipped by Kerry and his minions are failed because we have the corpses, the mass graves, the broken economies, and shit bag leftover republics crawling out of the wreckage bequeathed to us by the great left wing ideas of the 20th century to prove that leftism failed. We have the slowly dying Western European democracies, too feeble to defend themselves from internal Islamofascist takeover, to prove that slow creeping leftism is failed too. Hell, we have the sick man of Africa, which doesn’t refer to a country any more but rather to the continent itself, to show you where left wing dreaming gets you, to prove it.

THAT, my friends, is some powerful writing.

You can read the entire thing here.

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