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Monday, September 15, 2003

I hate Mondays!

Although I had a good weekend, including meeting another Seattle area blogger and blowing off some rounds at a local range. Analogkid from Random Nuclear Strikes, my girlfriend, another buddy and I all went to the range and worked out some healthy aggression. I've learned a few things from this range session.

1) AK is one hell of a good guy. After my ammo ran out (due to lack of funds) he allowed me to use his Ruger .22 pistol and continue shooting. I owe him a box of ammo.
2) I need to get myself a .22 pistol.
3) I need to get myself any kind of .22! Ten bucks for five hundred rounds! I'm paying 8-9 bucks for 50 rounds of .38 special. That cuts down on range time.
4) My buddy is a better shot than I am with a pistol, and he's been shooting for two months. But I bet that I can hand him his ass with a rifle. Five frigging years in the Army should give me SOME skill, dammit!
5) Did I mention that I need to get a .22?

Anyways, today looks to be busy, so I don't know how much I'm going to be posting. But don't worry. I WILL post later. Until then, have fun!

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