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Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Comments are down

It's gotta be haloscan, because it's not me. I've been trying to get into them for the past hour, with no luck. I'll have to try back later and hope that they got fixed.

On another note, I had to share this with you, from Kim du Toit's site.

If there's any universal truth these days it's only Democrats and Dictators are afraid of elections. They do anything to block, challenge or fix them at every turn. Gore tried to overturn the Florida election by specious means, in New Jersey they had Senator Toricelli substituted by a more winnable candidate against every law, and in California they are trying to block the recall even though it's constitutional and the public has spoken with a serious mandate

Only Democrats and Dictators fear elections.... Hmmmmm.... Yep!

Update: Comments seem to be working again. Post 'em while ya can, folks, cause I don't know how long it'll last!

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