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Sunday, September 14, 2003


I might be the last person to link to the USS Clueless post regarding Iraq. But it's worth reading twice, or three times. If anything, it underscores the failure of the Left to understand Iraq.

They don't understand Iraq because they don't want to. They already think that they know best. They're ARROGANT.

Think about it. How many times have you heard the NY Times scream "quagmire" or "failure"? How many papers and magazines hollar about the hopelessness that is Iraq? I hear it on a daily basis. "Bush's quagmire", or "Iraqi failures", over and over and over, like some sort of new-age mantra. But how many of those writers ever asked Ahkbar Q. Iraqi what they think? Someone finally did.

"Iraqis are optimistic. Seven out of 10 say they expect their country and their personal lives will be better five years from now. On both fronts, 32% say things will become much better."

Does that sound like hoplessness to you?

"Asked to name one country they would most like Iraq to model its new government on from five possibilities--neighboring, Baathist Syria; neighbor and Islamic monarchy Saudi Arabia; neighbor and Islamist republic Iran; Arab lodestar Egypt; or the U.S.--the most popular model by far was the U.S"

That doesn't sound like a country that hates us, if you ask me. So why don't people listen to the Iraqis? Why not let them choose their own fate? To add to all of this is the fact that Iraqi's don't trust the UN, after Kofi Annan feted Saddam in 1998 and stated "This is a man I can work with." The Kurds would rather the UN just stay the hell away after the oil-for-food fiasco, in which much of the money slated for the Kurds found it's way into Saddam's pockets, aided and abbeted in part by the UN. Iraq doesn't want the UN to rebuild the country, so why is the UN being shoved down their throats?

In a word: Arrogance.

In fact, much of the liberal's positions today can be viewed with that word in mind. Hell, many politics on both sides can be viewed in that light, Left or Right. Look at what's happened in California over the past several years. How many initiatives and propositions voted on by the citizens have been overturned or shot down by Sacramento? The people speak, and the leaders tell them to shove off. "Hey, thanks for your vote, but we know what's best for you, so why don't you just shut the hell up like a good little plebe, thanks very much." Mayor Bloomburg in NYC, forcing a smoking ban down everyone's throat whether they want it or not, because HE KNOWS BEST, dammit, why can't you little people see that? Everytime I hear a politician speak on some new great nanny-state program for the good of the people, I want to throw up. I AM THE DAMN PEOPLE, YOU TRANZI SNOT! And I DON'T WANT YOUR DAMN PROGRAM!

But I digress. I suppose the reason I ascribe arrogance to the Left is because of the Left's love for the big-government nanny-state. Social Security, for example. Why the hell is it still going? Why hasn't it been reformed? WTF? By the time I hit retirement age, Social Security will be gone. Poof. Nothing but a pipe dream. If I don't have my own retirement account, I'll be shit out of luck. This is a ponzi scheme of massive preportion. Everywhere I look, the government has it's finger in another pie, and it's taking my money in order to do everything. But the most recent example of this is the War on Terror, and Iraq.

When 70% of the country was supporting Bush in regards to Iraq, the Donks were screaming about how Bush didn't have any support. Excuse me? What planet were you on? When the Donks and the UN scream about the USA's "unilateral" action, they ignored the dozens of other countries who helped us out. I joke about how "unilateral" actually means "without France or Germany", because we had Brits and Aussies and Poles on the ground with us, as well as the support of dozens more. How can you ignore the burden that those countries undertook? How can you ignore the majority of Americans who supported action against Saddam? Arrogance.

And have you noticed that the same people screaming at us for acting in a "unilateral" (hereafter noted as W.ithout F.rance O.r G.ermany) fashion were the first group to scream that the USA needed to deal with N. Korea all by our lonesome? So I guess dealing with a mass-murdering, terrorist supporting dictator with help from countries around the globe (W.F.O.G.) is a horrible bad thing, but dealing with another mass-murdering, terrorist supporting dictator all by ourselves is OK? How can that be? Oh, right, if one of the dictators is giving you sweetheart deals on oil while you sell him military equipment in violation of the UN sanctions you claim to support, then we'd better have your OK before we go in. Is that it? ARROGANCE!

Arrogance, folks. Plain and simple. It's the arrogance of Jimmy Carter, thinking that the N. Koreans would actually follow the terms of the agreement between N. Korea and the USA. "Well, of course they would! I set it up, I brokered the deal, they have to follow it because I'M JIMMY CARTER!" How can someone call President Bush everything but a white boy, and accuse him of horrible crimes against humanity, while having tea and crumpets with Fidel Castro and call him a "great man"? Well, first you have to be an idiot of unbelievable magnitude. But you also have to be ARROGANT.

It's the arrogance of the French, accusing the USA of violating international law, while working to block the USA at every turn, and violating UN sanctions and international law for YEARS. Arrogance. Setting a standard for someone else, and then refusing to follow that standard yourself is the ultimate in arrogance.

It's this "I know better than you" arrogance that sets my teeth on edge. You can hear it every time one of the moonbats breaks out with "So, when are you going to enlist?" question. I'm sure you've all heard it dozens of times. "If you want war so bad, why don't you go?" I DID enlist, you snot-nosed prick! I have my honorable discharge framed and on my wall. What have you got on your wall? A "Free Mumia" poster and a tie-died potleaf silkscreen? It's the arrogance of people who tell you that you can't have guns. Think about that! You can't have guns, because you're not safe enough. You don't know what to do. You can't be trusted to own a gun, or carry a gun! Only the big people can do that, but not you. Senator Fienstien can carry a concealed gun, but not you, the plebian. Sean Penn can carry loaded guns in his car, (and then have that car stolen, loaded guns still inside), but not you, the little person. ARROGANCE!

I suppose that's why I get so mad at the Left. These usefull idiots have never been in my shoes, yet they think they know what's best for me? They want to dictate the terms of my life through their rules and regulations, all the while never having to suffer from the repercussions of the very rules they set into place. ARROGANCE!

I'm still fighting against you, you tranzi pukes. Your arrogance will be your downfall.

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