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Sunday, August 03, 2003

NGO - Notoriously Greedy Offal

Yet another reason for the US to tell the UN to insert a running chainsaw into their nether regions...

It’’s not all monotonous or pointless in Kabul; at one French NGO housed in a stunning antique-laden chalet, I’’ve devoured a seven-course meal prepared by a 4 star chef. Then there’’s always the sumptuous UN House, where one can take a dip, mingle poolside among scandalous bikinis and dowse dehydration with inspired cocktails fashioned by our languid Euro masters. Unfortunately, since "American UN employee" is an oxymoron, our one attempt to storm the formidable barricades is a spectacular failure. We’’re rudely turned away, despite flashing $20 bills to the Afghan UN security. My companion, a fierce Pushtoon-American licensed to pack a very visible Glock 19, glances back at the sunbathers as we’’re escorted out: ““We’’ve paid for all this with our taxes, you bastards!”” One of the Pushto guard’’s shrugs his shoulderssympathetically, muttering an apology that suggests ““someday this will all be ours again.”” For all the heroic American efforts in Afghanistan, truly and deeply appreciated by the indigenous population, we’’re still treated as unwanted nuisances by the predominantly European NGO residents.

And there's more here (not as infuriating) and there's a wonderfull quote from here:

The BBC is a true world service; that is, there is not a region of the planet where the BBC is without a fierce opinion about how things are and should be. The British may have been drummed unceremoniously out of Afghanistan and the colonies in other centuries, but they are returned with a vengeance and an attitude no less condescending or patronizing

The UN shows with every passing day that it is nothing but a powerhungry pack of dicators and thugs, a collection of autocrats and money-grubbing parasites. In short, they disgust me. No wonder France is in love with that group. They get to throw their weight around, suck money off of successful countries, and attempt to make themselves relevant to the rest of the world!

Kick them out and reclaim that space on the Hudson, I say!

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