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Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Is there a drug that can cure Liberals of the "Berlin Wall Syndrome"?

Liberals have always suffered from a mental disorder that I call "Berlin Wall Syndrome". I have named it this, because during all of the years that the Berlin Wall was standing, Liberals never took it as a sign that Communist Europe was a place that you might not want to live, or that Communism was a force worth fighting. The suffering and oppression that victims of Communist tyranny had to live under was so great, that their masters had to erect a wall to keep them imprisoned. Lord only knows how many people risked and/or lost their lives trying to escape to The West, and freedom.

I keep waiting for the day when Liberal revisionist historians will write that the Berlin Wall was built to keep people out, not in. These are people who think that the most evil men of the 20th Century have been:

1. Adolf Hitler

2. Ronald Reagan

3. George W. Bush

Which brings us next to Cuba, and its universal health care system. Liberals have always loved Cuba, and by God, they absolutely love that health care system. For example, during the Elian Gonzales saga, Michael Moore wrote this Marx-inspired piece about how Elian would be so much better off in Cuba, thanks in large part to their wonderful health care system, and how his mother "kidnapped" him so that she could make more money. Liberals just can't get enough of government health care. Jimmy Carter, who has Pathological Dictator Appeasement Disorder, can't get enough of Fidel Castro, period.

I mention this, because last week I saw this story , which proves that the "Berlin Wall Syndrome" is still alive and well amongst Liberals. Some Cuban refugees were so desperate to escape the misery and oppression of Cuba, that they fashioned a makeshift raft out of a '51 Chevy and attempted to float to Miami. Yes, that's right, a '51 Chevy, mounted on a bunch of empty 55-gallon drums. It's amazing how hard people will try to escape from Jimmy Carter's favorite vacation spots.

They came close to getting to America, but they failed, and were turned back. It proves, once again, the desperate measures that Cubans will take to risk their lives and escape to America, and it proves, once again, who the real oppressors of the world are. If people risk their lives time-and-time again so that they can escape from one country to another, it says an awful lot about the governments and lifestyles of those two countries. When we defeat a sadistic, murderous tyrant, we are not the liberators, not the oppressors. Don't expect Liberals to figue that out any time soon.

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