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Tuesday, July 29, 2003

Are Things Going Well in Iraq?
The errrr, "mainstream" media seem to be unable to report anything but the deaths of American soldiers and innocent Iraqi citizens. They seem to always find a way to manage to get some disenchanted Iraqi in front of a camera to bemoan the lack of jobs, water, and electricity. Is the news being slanted?

That was a rhetorical question. Let's try some cheerier stuff:

Paul Wolfowitz says progress is slow, as many Iraqis blanch from thneir newfound freedom the way someone trapped in a cave for ten days will find sunlight painful. Andrew Sullivan says the Left are using "the future [of the Iraqi people] and their lives as pawns in a domestic political squabble". Paul Gigot sounds off: "Most reporting from Iraq suggests that the U.S. "occupation" isn't welcome here. But following Mr. Wolfowitz around the country I found precisely the opposite to be true." Michael Barone lists the accomplishments thus far.

If you read any of these, read this one: U.S. Army Maj. Eric Rydbom in Iraq.

Good stuff, all.

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