Wednesday, February 01, 2023

Just another reason to destroy the Department of Eduation

 The Publik Skool Sisitim is corrupt, vile, poisonous, and treasonous.

Administrators, educators, and union officials in Utah were caught on video boasting about how they managed to keep teaching critical race theory or LGBTQ concepts to students, despite Utah’s bans on CRT in the classroom, according to a Jan. 27 tweet thread from Accuracy in Media.

It cannot be reformed.  It is rotten to the core.  It is a cancer, eating away at the American way of life and corrupting it.  It can only be excised, and then burnt to the ground.


Anonymous said...

In 1994, the GOP promised to abolish the DOE. They have had a couple of opportunities since where they controlled both houses and the White House...but NO ABOLITION. Still think voting will fix this?

Drumwaster said...

The Department of Education is just another waste, and duplication of effort, by the Federal Government. It literally duplicates the 50 State Departments of Education, does nothing but add to the workload of those random and rare teachers who are worth a damn, and has never educated a single student. Much like the Department of Energy that has never produced a single kilowatt, the Department of Homeland Security that has made absolutely no part of the "Homeland" secure, HHS, FDA, IRS, etc., etc.

"I just want a government small enough to fit in the box it came in." -- Bill Whittle