Monday, January 23, 2023

Another day, another cartel killing in America.

 It's going to get worse.

In Mendota, about an hour from Goshen, MS-13 launched a “reign of terror” with at least 14 murders from 2015 to 2017. Before Joanna Soloria Maya could testify in a murder case, gang members hacked the woman to death and dumped her body outside an apartment complex. The victim’s sister Jannette told reporters that MS-13 was “killing people out there, like they are animals,” and it would continue because law enforcement “can’t stop it.”

Or won’t stop it. 

The cartels are making billions smuggling humans and drugs into America.  Do you really think the cartels are going to cross back over and say "Welp, that's the job.  Back home with us!"

Fuck no they won't.  And since the US Government refuses to do a damn thing about the border, and has refused to do anything about the border for decades, the cartels operate inside the USA as they will.

It's going to get far worse, until Americans are forced to defend themselves against drug cartels and the blood starts flowing.

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Sarthurk said...

Finger on the trigger, waiting for it . . .