Thursday, December 01, 2022

Gosh, it's almost as if outsourcing our pharmaceutical production to China was a bad idea!

Another result of the establishment's love affair with the Chinese Communist Party.

An early surge in cold and flu cases has created shortages in key antiviral and antibiotic drugs needed for the annual “sick season,” pharmacists report.

The antiviral flu drug Tamiflu is in short supply for both adults and children, in both its brand name formulation as well as the generic version, said Michael Ganio, senior director of pharmacy practice and quality with the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.

In addition, shortages are occurring in the pediatric versions of amoxicillin and Augmentin, two antibiotics used to treat bacterial infections that often follow flu, RSV (respiratory syncytial virus) or COVID in children, said Brigid Groves, senior director of practice and professional affairs with the American Pharmacists Association.

B-b-b-but DAAAAVE!  It's just a seasonal surge!  Oh really?  Tell me, what percentage of antibiotics are made here in the USA?  Anybody want to guess?  Go ahead, I'll wait.

Back, are ya?  Here, I'll give you the answer.  3%

In the discussion, Gary Cohn, then chief economic advisor to President Trump, argued against a trade war with China by invoking a Department of Commerce study that found that 97 percent of all antibiotics in the United States came from China. “If you’re the Chinese and you want to really just destroy us, just stop sending us antibiotics,” he said.
Biden the Drooling Chinese Hand Puppt isn't going to assist in building any manufacturing capability here in the US, given that he and his family are completely owned by the CCP.  We all know that.

Look...  crap like this is why Trump won.  And yes, he won the 2020 election and was defrauded out by the Democrat fraud machine.  It's happening right now in Arizona.  Do you really think that all those "coincidences" just happened when Commie Barbie Katie Hobbs, the Secretary of State in charge of overseeing elections, was running for governor?  Please.  That's the kind of magical thinking that allows countries to die.

OK, pulling myself out of that rabbit hole.  The problem is that until this crop of geriatric corrupt shitstains dies off (cough*McConnell*cough) there won't be any real change.  You think McConnell isn't owned by China?  He's just as much a slave to the CCP as Biden is.  Hell, McConnell's wife is Chinese and he made a metric shit-ton of money because of her family connections back in China.  McConnell is another whore who will bend over and let Chairman Xi fuck up up the ass with no lube.  

All of this to say that we can all see the problem, but the so-called "leadership" of this country refuses to do anything about it.  This cannot end well.

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