Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Virtue-signaling hypocritical shitheads

 Apple is helping the Chinese government crack down on protesters.

Apple has repeatedly helped China control dissent, mostly by removing apps that protestors have used to coordinate, communicate, or gather information. (Quartz’s iOS app was removed by Apple, at China’s request, at the height of the 2019 protests in Hong Kong.) By hobbling the functionality of AirDrop in China, Apple is once again coming to the government’s aid.

It's becoming harder and harder to find a company or corporation that won't drop to it's knees and suck Chairman Xi's cock.  The loudest voices who complain about the USA suddenly go silent when China commits atrocities.  

This is the first time that Apple has shown that it doesn't give one damn about it's supposed principles.  Remember when they shat all over North Carolina because NC didn't want men in the girls bathrooms?  Yeah.  Apple made a huge stink about that back then, while at the same time building Apple stores in countries who still execute homosexuals.

But I guess morals are malleable when there's money to be made.  Or when you've outsourced your production facilities into a country that uses slave labor to build your outrageously expensive product.

When I was searching for a new phone, I actually looked for phones built somewhere other than China.  Naturally, that meant I wasn't going to buy an Apple phone.  I ended up with a Kyocera.  Fuck Apple, and fuck that hypocritical bag of shit Tim Cook.


Anonymous said...

A faggot; what did you expect?


Drumwaster said...

Meanwhile, people are still bashing Chik-Fil-A because the owner disapproves of same-sex marriage. And the world's most successful sheep call is still "Hey, the newest iProduct is out!"