Day by Day

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Check out this puppet's cue cards


Go ahead.  Zoom in.  This is the puppet they installed in the White House.  Unfucking real.  I bet he wasn't supposed to show that.


skybill said...

Hi Dave!!,
10-4 on the "Q-card!!"... I can give a dump or two! STOP!!.. ask your self.... I'm sure you already know.... "Who is the "Puppet Master!!"
"NOW!!!!!!" to cut the strings... then look the "Puppet Master" in the eye and say..... "GAME OVER!!!!!!" Oh, I'll go to the meeting alright.....'After!!!!, the Baptism!!!!!!

GOD, Gunz and GUTZ!!!!!!!
Keep America Free.....
.... "So Far!!"....,

Carlos the Jackal said...

The left is scared shitless of Pres. Trump running, and debating this buffoon.
Guess that's why they're trying so hard to make him ineligible.
It's going to be interesting; I think more people will be paying attention next election.

Ragin' Dave said...

They're scared of ANYBODY talking to that drooling Chinese hand puppet. They had to dress up an aide like the EASTER BUNNY to keep him from talking to the press over Easter.