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Monday, May 23, 2022

The good guys finally win one

 And there's at least one officer out there who gets it.

In a stinging rebuke to the Pentagon, a Navy administrative separation board voted unanimously to retain an officer who refused to comply with the military's COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 

Navy Lt. Billy Moseley, who has been an officer for 22 years, could have chosen to retire from the military when he was ordered to receive the COVID vaccine. He also could have submitted a Religious Accommodation Request, since he objected to the vaccine for religious reasons. 

Risking his retirement, Moseley chose instead to take his case to the administrative separation board after learning "that the Navy and the other services intended to implement a blanket denial policy," according to a press release from his attorney, R. Davis Younts. 

Every statement made to push the jab has been a lie.  The jab itself does not stop infection and it does not stop transmission.  The decision to push the jab was a political one, not based on health or science or medicine.  Maybe, just maybe, there are enough honest people in the military to start making fuckers pay for pushing this bullshit.

Probably not.  But this is a glimmer of light in the darkness. 


p2 said...

A bit of light in the gathering darkness, this. But the article begs the question: 22 years and only an O-3? Who’d he piss off?

Ragin' Dave said...

I'm guessing he's prior service/enlisted.

p2 said...

That’s probable, given the inability of the media to do any research whatsoever concerning their reporting. The phrase, “… who has been an officer for 22 years,…” is what got my attention.