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Monday, October 25, 2021

Piling on? Yeah.


I'll pile on, no problem.  Because as COL Schlichter points out, that's exactly what they would do to you, and we are playing by their rules.

The argument for being nice is that 1) we should live the way we wish to live, that is, model the way we want the world regardless of how the world actually is and set the example; 2) we are better than that; and 3) Jesus tells us to. Of these, No. 3 is the most compelling – the hardest part of Christianity is loving your enemies. Perhaps you can do that even as you tweet that the fifth rule of gun safety is never give Alec Baldwin a gun. Jesus wasn’t a pinko hippie; he confronted and told hard truths. And despite the injunction to turn the other cheek, Christians are not pacifists. After all, many soldiers are Christian and they kill their enemies, so you must be able to be a Christian and point out through biting sarcasm that Alec Baldwin is awful too. 

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Mike-SMO said...

Curious that Baldwin "accidentally" shot the woman who had been griefing him about safety and the way he ran the operation. Baldwin looks upset, but then, he is a decent "actor".

The revolver that Baldwin used was called "Cold" [ No ammunition of any kind]. In a revolver,"Cold" is easy enough to check visually. If you see any "Brass", something is wrong. Balwin is a reasonably smart guy who was producing (financially and "on site") the movie, so it is hard to claim ignorance. Obviously the young armorer screwed up, but a "smart" guy should have noticed. Instead, while practicing "quick draw", he scored a "bullseye" on his critic. Curious, No?